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21st December 2010

I went to the doctors yesterday. I met the new doctor who I thought wasn't going to be as nice as my previous one, but she was. She's so young *_*
THE PERSONA 3/4 SECRET SANTA DEADLINE IS SO SOON. I'm not even half way through. :I
Line art isn't as neat as I wanted it to be. So much colouring to do. T_T I'll post it up here when I'm finished~
Found out that the seller of the wig/extenstions just recieved payment today LOL I wonder why it took so long :/ She was supposed to get it weeks ago! I'm glad she notified me about it (I'm a bit stupid for not PMing her a while ago in the first place!). I was thought it got lost in the post and would never arrive at my doorstep. It should arrive next week~ It'll feel like a post-Christmas gift XD
Oh and the Ranka cosplay I mentioned in my last journal ..someone else bought it. ;_; The seller didn't even reply back. :/
Oh well! I decided to buy a Sheryl wig instead LOL Move over Ranka, and say hello to Sheryl! ;D It's blonde/golden blonde x pink~
Hopefully I'll be meeting up with Fred, Bostov and Julian with Anna tomorrow.
And I love my card from Yasmin <3 Love you my name twin ;3;
Sorry for the lame webcam picture. I look terrible. XD

And I love this video. It makes me love coffee even more~
....I think I'm going to end up like that. /shot

Well I think I'm going to go now, download and play more otome games. sob
I think I'm going to cancel my Radu cosplay 'cause of complications with a few things.
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17th December 2010

This month has been pretty good apart from a few things.


1) Successful and super fun Pokemon shoot.
Anna, Bostov and Yui! Thank you all for making it such an awesome day <3333 Hope to hang out with you all at New Years~

2) New headphones
Thank you Mii <3 I've always been wanting to get a new pair!

3) Awesome and cheap Ranka cosplay
akjdha thank you so much Mii again for doing this favour! You're awesome <3333 Best sg buddy ever ;D
...now to get a wig. /shot

4) Anna getting her P3 uniform
skdjl I can pick on you when you're Ken now! 8D Thank you, Kero/Miku for being so nice! I don't think I've met an awesome seller like you OTL

5) Holidays going to start
YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY. I know it will be full of cosplaying, photoshoots, hanging out with friends, making new friends, bubble tea and ...buying more things.

6) Getting a print of one of and from one my favourite cosplayers~
Eeee she was giving out free standard size prints- I just HAD to get my hands on one of them! I decided to get the one of her Sakura (CCS) one. <3

7) Contact lens batch order is looking good~
Got another person ordering! Though I've never got a toric lens order before o3o I shall ask Samantha for more details~

8) FCKH8 merchandise <3333 Thank you, Anna for ordering!
Merch = <3. So pretty. Got a hoodie, badge and wristbands. Plus I'll feel good wearing it because I'm supporting a cause.
---> http://fckh8.com/ <---

9) SNOW.
Snowed like ...twice? But todays snow was so random. XD It looks like ...less than an inch unfortunately.

10) Getting more mangamangamanga!
Thank you, Emily who was giving out some of her collection!
I haven't bought manga in ages!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Millenium Snow vol 1-2, La Corda vol 1-2, LOVE*COM <3333333 and LEGAL DRUG. I know I already read them all except for Legal Drug! I've always been itching to read it but never got the chance to. ;3; and I lovelovelovelove Love*Com. I need to cosplay from it soon~


1) Random stomach pains after drinking tea.
I don't know what it is. Looked on Google/Yahoo answers and there weren't many helpful things. If it gets worse ...I'll go to for a check up.

I need to have a job. :I I seriously need to start earning my own money! Hopefully there will be one job that will accept me as temporary Christmas staff.

3) No more snow.
It stopped snowing. D8 I wanted there to be more.

and a few more that I will not bother listing. XD
I hope everyone has an awesome xmas holiday <3
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Pokemon Shoot!


Red: Yui
Green: Anna
Misty: Me
Main Photog: Charlie aka Bostov

Warning! This journal is image heavy!
Sorry if there are any spelling and grammer mistakes! *was in a rush*

Sorry guys for being so late. ;o;
The weather was ....cold. And the several minutes looking for places on Google the week before the shoot was worth it~ It was so peaceful and awesome for shots 8D
Unfortunately, my wig and Anna's contacts didn't arrive in time for the shoot. I made my top and braces the night before OTL
I recorded lots of random footage on the video camera, so I'll make sure to edit it and upload it somewhere on Youtube.

We arrived at one of the entrances of the park and decided to quickly change and put my make up on.

Left-Right: Bostov looking cool, me sorting out my wig/make up and using my phone as a mirror and Yui getting her Red cosplay ready~ (Photo taken by Anna)

(Photos taken by Bostov)

Yui as Red! (Photos taken by Bostov)

Anna as Gary and myself as Misty (Photo taken by Bostov)

poke1 trololol
Bostov the awesome photographer~ She was such a troll xDDD especially the time she stole me heatpack (Photo taken by Anna and edited by me)

Thank you Anna for letting me borrow your coat! It's so warm! u3u <333
Photo taken by: Bostov

I just had to edit these pictures together 8D
Photog: Bostov

(Photo taken by Anna)

(Photos taken by Anna and edited by me)

"NEVER FEAR. GARY IS HERE" (Photo taken and edited by me)


Me and Bostov decided to camwhore together LOL
There was more spam on Yui's camera xD

At one point, we spotted a lake looking thing and decided to walk closer to see it. My socks and shoes got wet. It was so soggy nearby and couldn't avoid stepping into muddy grass. D8

At the end of the shoot, we headed back to the station and went off to central to get some Korean food.


We went off to Forbidden Planet where Yui and Bostov got some manga. lolol3for2.
Then we decided to chill and get some bubble tea where there was lots of laughs. xD I think we were way too hyper and that the staff wanted us out ASAP LOL


There are waaaay too many pictures I'd love to upload here. xD But I'm too lazy and Anna will probably post them on FB.


Can't wait to have another photoshoot with you all! We'll do Vocaloid next time, 'kay? ;D
Thank you, Yui for the heatpacks! I don't know what I'd do without them D8

I still need to see Harry Potter (especially because of Bostov)!
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7th December 2010

So I was supposed to be saving up for a really nice red wig and some red extensions to go with it too (for £19.47), but it seems that I'm going off to buy more things other than what I was originally looking for XD;;;;;;

I'm waiting for quoted price for shipping for a pair of mix-style star-white headphones that I've been itching to get for ages now from a friend in sg and also my Code Geass female school uniform from another sg cosplayer.
I'm glad I found the headphones at a really good price SGD12/£5.84! Why do they cost so much here in London?! Like £29-31 x_x wtf?
And the uniform I'm getting is only SGD15/£7.29. The current owner bought it for originally SGD100/£48.65. I guess it's cheaper 'cause the gold trimming is fading. But I don't mind since it looks alright in the picture and replacing isn't a bother since I have quite alot of gold material I can use. 8D
But if P+P is expensive, I wouldn't mind 'cause the items are quite cheap. ohohoho

I'm still waiting for my wonderful ginger wig to arrive with my clip-on fringe and ponytail extention~ It should be here tomorrow or something. XD

I really shouldn't be spending my money right now. OTL
Oh wait 'til I order from a taobao spree. I'll be broke.

Oh and I'm also buying a really nice brown wig from a friend. LOL MORE MONEY SPENT /SHOT
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Just seen my timetable for mocks next week. For some reason, I'm not worried or scared about them, even though I know I'll fail most of them.




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